Scentsy – Bring Back My Bar

Bring Back My Bar BBMB

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar

It’s that time again! Scentsy’s Bring Back My Bar is back with “The Sweet Scent of Democracy.”

In case you don’t know what Bring Back My Bar (BBMB) is, imagine that perfect, long-time favorite scent from years ago returned. Or, in the last catalog, you completely missed out on a fragrance and it was discontinued before you placed that final order. BBMB is when some of those favorites are voted back into production for one month only.

People are passionate about the BBMB, some buying 10s of a bar to stock up–it may never come back again!

Who can vote, and how? Anyone can vote on their favorite scents, all the way back to 2005, here. What am I voting on? Here’s my list:

Orange Chiffon Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Oatmeal Pie, and COMFORT AND JOY!!!!!!!!

Check out the list and tell me your faves!


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