Visioning Exercise (first draft)


Today, I met with a long-time online friend for the first time. I didn’t know that she was so closeby, and with my current job search, getting the chance to talk to her was amazing.

I didn’t know that she was a graphic designer either, with the hookup here in Portland… She gave me a lot of tips, leads, and AMAZING advice. Something that resonated: Excellence isn’t Perfection.

Another thing she asked me to do was a visioning exercise, to pinpoint what it is that I want (and not just a job). What is my ideal workday? Give specifics, like when I want to wake up and what kind of environment I’d like to work in.

One year from now, I’d like to be making $25/hr. I’d like to work close to home in the Hillsboro area in a large company. I want health insurance, vision and dental. I want company benefits, coworkers, teammates… I want to make enough to drive a Prius, eat out, and travel home for the holidays.

Thinking of my dream workday is difficult for me. At this point, I can’t see past the work I’ve done and what I’ve enjoyed and disliked the most. Which of my talents do I want to grow on in a company? I’ve spent so long as a freelancer, taking any contract offered and building my skill set. Now’s the time to buckle down and focus!


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