Focusing Your Social Media Content


Thank you Social media

It’s easy to approach your Facebook and Twitter pages with the sole purpose of promoting your brand, products, and services. Why wouldn’t you want to optimize your content with industry-specific posts? Because it isn’t about you and your business, it’s about your customers and their community as a whole!

One of my former accounts, a well-known virtual call center, gave me a very limited range of topics to promote on their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus pages. As a new Social Media Specialist, I had no problem with going with the flow and sticking to the requested keywords: the cloud, home-based call centers, and customer service. For Twitter, my audience was business executives, clients, and popular industry leaders like Flavio Martins (The Managr), Peter Cashmore (Mashable), and Inc. For Facebook, my audience was the group of extremely loyal customer service agents employed by the company.

Twitter, G+, and LinkedIn couldn’t be changed at all, so #custserv, #cloud, and #callcenter were all used frequently. I found the right content, the right people to follow, and RTed the most popular articles as soon as they showed up in my feed. Nothing spectacular clicks-wise, but regular interaction wasn’t surprising. I shared our own blog posts, job listings, and pages as well.

But for Facebook, this same tactic got little results. For a page with a lot of traffic, and a lot of “likes” on every post, it was strange to see that there was so little interaction. I had seen a few quotes posted in the past, about success and management, but only with a handful of likes. I experimented with posting times, but nothing stood out there either.

Who are customer service agents anyway? Who are these people? What are they interested in, and what are they sharing?

These agents were mostly women, stay at home moms with families. Most of them probably don’t check Facebook for customer service tips, quotes, and news about the cloud! So I started approaching my posts differently. This was during the Pinterest craze, full of work at home moms and crafty ladies. I mixed my customer service posts up by switching those about cloud, with big, eye-catching photos. Interactive posts like, “Show us your workspace!” with a pic of a really chic home office, or “It’s the last day of summer! In 5 words, tell us what you’ll miss the most” with a bright image of a cherry popsicle and our own caption.

Both were VERY well received, with more likes, shares, and comments than ever before. But the real topper was the pin above, paired with a simple “You are the best agents in the business. Thank you for all that you do!” Comments flooded in, with praise for the company, expressions of gratitude, and job inquiries.

Through the rest of my contract, and with my other accounts, I took the initiative to focus on relatable content that would be enjoyed, and not just optimized industry news and topics.


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