How Pinterest Can Help Your Job Search

Pinterest Job Search

Get a job with Pinterest boards

Since the hype has died down and the exclusivity has passed, how are people using Pinterest? It’s not all about crafts, home design, and fun dinner ideas!

I recently came across an article from Mashable, 5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Job Search, full of tips on how you can turn your resume into a set of boards. Did you know that there are thousands of print resumes just sitting on Pinterest? It sounds easy to just pin an image to your boards, tag it #design #resume, and hope for the best. But let’s stop thinking so linearly, and put our Pinterest caps on!

Getting your resume out there is the first step, but the purpose of Pinterest is to share your ideas, your life, your experiences. Is a personal resume worth sharing? Not really, but pics from that internship at Intel are, or your trip to Mexico after graduation, or your first real job. Are you a graphic designer? Then your work should be in pinned, tagged, and linked back to your resume and related pinboard.

Stay active by following career-related boards, liking and re-pinning work similar to yours, and sharing pins by other job seekers. But, as with any platform, any movement at all (even just setting up your own boards) should get you enough visibility to gain a few followers of your own right off.

What have you been doing with your resume? Linking it on to your Twitter, LinkedIn, job applications and other profiles, right? Well, do the same thing with your “Resume” Pinboard!

What’s different about a resume on Pinterest is that it’s alive, active, broken up into shareable content. It’s no longer a static document, but an ongoing trail of experiences and growths.


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