Layers By Scentsy

Scentsy Layers

Layers By Scentsy

Ever have someone walk past you who smelled so good that it seemed to emanate from their pores? Clothes, hair, car… Just a breath of fresh air from all angles. I’ve actually trailed people before, just trying to place their cologne or perfume to find at a Macy’s.

In the past, every time that I’d come across one of these heavily fragrant people I’d light a bunch of candles and spritz body spray and soak in body wash. I’m a scent person, I can trace any scent, can remember things by smell from before I was in kindergarten. But I could never quite get that amazing, head-turning fragrance.

Layers by Scentsy answers that call with scent solutions to compliment your home Scensy system. Take a bath with bath tablets, moisturize with Shower Cream and Body Lotion, grace your pulse points with Solid Perfume, scent your clothes with Washer Whiffs… If you want to smell deliciously good everywhere you go, Scentsy Layers has you covered!


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