The Fearful Freelancer


Some people can make the switch to freelance life seamlessly. They know their audience, their business, and what they can provide and go with it. They roll with the punches, and learn when they could normally just give up.

For years it seemed that my transition was also seamless. I started taking on oDesk contracts while in college, kept a few when I had a day job, and got more whenever the job market hit. In every lapse in employment, I’ve always been able to turn to oDesk.

But even after all this time as a writer on oDesk, a writer who actually does more social media and research than anything, I still find myself crippled with fear when asked to write an article.

What if the client doesn’t like it? What if I spent too long researching? What if it sounds like I’m as dumb as I feel when writing about your sound equipment?

I most struggle with the fear that I’m not good enough. I get daily invitations from people needing articles, bloggers, ghostwriters… But apart from the fact that I hate ’20 Unique Excellent, SEO-optimized articles in 1 Hour!), I hate when hourly jobs ask me to write an article.

I’m just not good at it. I almost feel like subcontracting everything I get to someone who actually enjoys writing for businesses.


2 thoughts on “The Fearful Freelancer

  1. Hi Brenda, I think its normal to feel a sense of ‘fear’ on being able to deliver successfully on any article when you start. But then you have to just say to yourself – I’ m going to do a good job of this , as I have done before. And before you start your research, having a broad article framework helps to direct your research!

  2. Thank you for your comment! Somehow, I managed to just sit down and write it. I didn’t think about anything, I just wrote down what I wanted to say, and by the time I got to 700 words, I realized that I probably had enough done! I followed you, looking forward to what you write!

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