What’s the goal of freelancing?


The goal of any form of work is to gain experience, make new connections, and get paid. But what if you finally had everything you wanted as a freelancer: full-time work (or as much as you need) at the rate you want, savings and retirement accounts, and no fear regarding tax season. Your bills are paid, you are successful, what more could you need?

Some employers and contractors think that the goal for everyone is a full time, staff position with benefits.

Even if you are gainfully self-employed with the benefits that come along with it, a chance at that salary + health insurance job is pretty much gold.

Imagine two jobs, both with the same gross salary and benefits, except one is as a self employed contractor and the other is as a remote-working employee. Apart from being able to collect unemployment as a laid off employee, I can’t really see the difference.

What is the goal of freelancing, then, if it isn’t to get a ‘real’ job?


3 thoughts on “What’s the goal of freelancing?

  1. Hi Brenda

    What’s your prime motivation for being a freelancer? That to me is the ‘goal’.

    In my case, being able to accompany my husband, who has to often work from remotes parts of the country, was a prime motivation. The others being ‘doing something of my own’ and ‘not doing the same things over and over again’ which is what you do in a job 80% of the times.

    Freelancing helps me achieve all these 3 crucial goals

    • I always thought that my goal was to be able to make my own schedule, travel and move as needed by my husbands job (like you!), and not having to do compete for work anymore. A contract of mine ran out last August, and I didn’t really know where to turn so I went on the job hunt. I sent resumes out, followed up, sent out letters, used LinkedIn Pro and even got a new Lynda membership to learn some new skills.

      It wasn’t until November that I got a job, and even then it was doing something I hated–data entry. Not only that, I sat in a cubicle all day with little to no work to do, like my coworkers, and watched Youtube videos and tutorials all day. I did nothing and got paid for months, as well as had to pay into their shoddy and expensive insurance plan (couldn’t get on my husbands cheap plan through Intel).

      Anyways, I quit and moved when my husband took another job elsewhere. Within a week or so I had a contract, and then another, and then more hours until I made/now make more than he does. I got more work, and I realized what I love about freelancing–the projects. I’m not sitting in a cubicle plugging in content. I’m researching and building brands. I’ve worked with big companies all over the world and formed connections worth big bucks while on my own. Idk how many people with day jobs can say that!

      But sometimes I feel like if one of these jobs that I have turn to full time, it won’t be that way anymore. My home office would once again feel like a cube, and my time wouldn’t be my own.

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